News & Updates

6/20/12  There is still no discussion of funding for possible upgrades to existing facilities.  Flushing of some systems will be scheduled for August.  Everyone should have received a copy of the Annual Water Quality Report.  If not, all are posted on this web site.  If you have any questions about them, feel free to contact our office.

5/8/12  There is still talk of alarms and generators at all of the facilities, but very little progress has actually happened.  Without some support from governmental agencies, we will struggle going forward with urgently needed major capital improvements.  There has been much talk lately about aiding small businesses and upgrading infrastructure in the United States.  We certainly meet those two requirements.  I will keep you posted as to my progress...   

2/9/12  Finally got an email from one of Greg Ball's staff. I got little if any information. This is going to take a lot of support from existing homeowners. They obviously have very little interest in talking to me...

2/4/12  So far Greg Ball has NOT returned my phone calls or emails.  I am having no success with him and I need more help from our customers.

Everyone is asking me about generators for the Forest Park systems.  Certainly if I had a choice, they would all have generators.  There are no monies available in the existing budget for such a purpose.  It is very expensive to supply water to all of the existing homes.  We have huge electric bills, laboratory testing, school and land taxes, along with daily operations which also includes water main breaks, pump and piping repairs and replacement of well pumps.

Since the systems were constructed as designed and approved, an alternate source of power is not required.

Until such time that some governmental agency makes it a law that an additional source of power must be provided and the New York State Public Service Commission provides the means to charge the customers to cover the cost, there won't be any progress towards this goal.

This may seem like a simple problem to solve, but it is not.  It would be a very complicated, expensive process.  It would include numerous governmental agencies, engineering for design, approval and bidding along with some form of grants or long term financing, which would probably require government backed, low interest loans.

There already is some interest about permanently installed generators.  New York State Senator Greg Ball has contacted my office, spoken to my Office Manager and would like to set up a phone meeting with me, in the very near future, to discuss this situation in detail.  Perhaps this could be the start of getting more individuals involved in resolving this issue.

You can find Greg's contact info by scrolling down on this page.

As I am sure you are all aware, infrastructure in the United States has been a big topic the last couple of years.  This includes roads, highways, bridges, tunnels along with sewer and water.  Meetings this fall with the Putnam County Health Department along with the New York State Public Service Commission took a hard look at our situation and decided that it was necessary to create additional funding to address these issues in the coming years.

Because of this meeting, they have raised the surcharge to $30 per quarter for Forest Park to increase the escrow account to $100,000 for capital improvements going forward into the future.  Should large projects be necessary within a given year, the new surcharge could go as high as $50 per quarter.

I am truly sorry for the extra burden this places on you as one of our water customers, however it is necessary to supply you with high quality water on a consistent basis.

Also, bear in mind the water company makes no profit from surcharges,  the money goes directly to the contractors on a dollar for dollar basis.